What is Transit-Oriented Development?

NFTA-Metro Allen Medical Campus Station

NFTA-Metro Allen Medical Campus Station

Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD, is an approach to development that focuses land uses around a transit station or within a transit corridor. Typically, it is characterized by:

  • A mix of uses

  • Moderate to high density

  • Pedestrian orientation/connectivity

  • Transportation choices

  • Reduced parking

  • High quality design

TOD occurs within one-quarter mile, or a five to seven minute walk of a transit station.


Why Transit-Oriented Development?

What if you could get to the places that are most important to you without the headache and expense of driving?

TOD makes that lifestyle a reality.

By developing around transit, we are able to encourage and increase connectivity and help the Buffalo Niagara Region sustain itself in the long term.

Get Involved

It takes a whole community to create successful transit-oriented developments. From station area planning to shaping the look and feel of the final development, your feedback is important to us. If you represent local government, ride transit, or have great ideas, please contact us to share your thoughts.